Joppa Health Share is not an insurance company, but a religious health care sharing ministry. A health share is not insurance.


Affordable Alternatives to Health Care for Every Budget and Lifestyle

Ambassador Core is Joppa Health Share's most affordable and basic Membership. sharing our Members' medical needs arising from services provided in a Hospital or Surgery Center. Ambassador Core is designed for those who are seeking a Membership focusing on the unexpected and catastrophic events resulting in hospitalization, surgery and post care medical expenses.

Ambassador Core shares in Member's Needs request related to Inpatient Hospitalization, Emergency Room services, Emergency transportation, Outpatient Surgery Center and specified Outpatient Services for follow up care after an eligible Inpatient Hospitalization, ER Visit, or Outpatient Surgery.

Ambassador Core Members have access to a full suite of Additional Member Services and Discounts to improve their Day-to-Day well-being and manage their routine health care budget.


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