Joppa Health Share is not an insurance company, but a religious health care sharing ministry. A health share is not insurance.


Affordable Alternatives to Health Care for Every Budget and Lifestyle

The Ambassador Plus Program is a Capped Sharing Program designed to provide affordable protection for Members seeking an alternative to health insurance. The Ambassador Plus offers 3 distinct Program levels, Sharing 25k, Sharing 50k and Sharing 75k. Each provides sharing for Day-to-Day Care with up to 8 Primary Care, Specialist or Urgent Care Facility Visits per Program Year and Preventive Services. Plus sharing for Inpatient Hospital and Surgery Services, Outpatient Surgery, Outpatient Services, Maternity and more.

Ambassador Plus Members have access to a full suite of Additional Member Services and Discounts to improve their Day-to-Day well-being and manage their routine health care budget.


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