Joppa Health Share is not an insurance company, but a religious health care sharing ministry. A health share is not insurance.



Sharing Good Health in God’s Image

Join Pastor Sam Rodriguez and the NHCLC in becoming Ambassadors of Joppa Health Share and spread the gift of good health in your community!


Who We Are

Joppa Health Share is a Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry that unites members with shared religious and ethical beliefs to benefit from monthly contributions that go towards each other's eligible medical costs.

Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries, like Joppa, are gaining momentum in Christian organizations like the NHCLC, as an affordable and reliable alternative to traditional health care plans.

How it Works


When your Church joins the Joppa Health Share Ambassador Program, Ambassadors will be selected to help spread the word in your community of an affordable alternative to traditional health care. 

As Members begin to enroll in Joppa with the help of your Ambassadors, both the Ambassador and the Church will receive recurring financial blessings.  

By blessing your community with the security of good health, YOU and your Church will benefit by receiving financial blessings for every Member you help sign up.

Choose The Plan That’s Right For You

We have four Member programs to choose from, allowing each Member to select the program that best aligns with their medical needs and budget.

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Be Blessed By Blessing Others

This transformative partnership has the ability to make real change in your community by furthering the mission of the NHCLC and supporting the Members who contribute to our mission. Ready to get started?

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